Unfinished Self

Unfinished Self

Who would have ever thought that the mother would throw her child overboard,in times when the borders turned out to be mere illusions.

What would you do in the age where information is more valued than the body itself or in the contemporary discourse of becoming like a machine, leaving the human flesh in dystopian fantasies? The body got history and yet it has never been central subject of what could have been. This investigation frames the human body beyond it's conventionally accepted borders, such as the skin and further membranes. The moment where we trace the line between nature and human, becomes then, possibly and if we zoom in close enough, such a vague space, that human structures as well as natural ones, bond as one. A fragmentary journey through medial influence, artificial intelligence and human bias.



The people behind this project? Alice Hoffmann (Luxemburg, Lu) is currently finishing her Bachelor Degree in the discipline for Architecture at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna. David Degasper (Bregenz, Au) and Elias Martinez (Potsdam, De) are both studying at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna for the winter semester of 20/21, in the time of the project’s realization, and they continue their studies in Copenhagen (David) and Weimar (Elias).

In the context of the Studio Topic "desert theory", led by Aristide Antonas and Eva Sommeregger, the group's been working on a way to combine philosophical texts with an architectural and mainly visual approach formed by their thinking processes during the semester.


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