Point Nemo’s name is derived from the so called „pole of inaccessibility. Located at the coordinates of 48°52.6′S 123°23.6′W and about 2,688 kilometers from the nearest coasts, the closest human beings are the astronauts passing over aboard the ISS. One might think that Point Nemo is a pretty lonely place at the world’s end… The opposite is the case, because down here, in the depths of the unknown, new lands are growing steady and persistently. On Point Nemo, space ships and satellites return home, shaping humankind’s narratives of the future.


A short history

Point Nemo Publishing was founded in March of 2020 by Anna Valentiny. Its core product is the magazine ADATO, which discusses architecture in conjunction with neighboring fields: technology, theatre, film and the fine arts, always with an eye on the socio-political context of our times. In this way, ADATO very much reflects its publishing house’s values and motivations:

Our philosophy and interests

True innovation of thought and image emerges when the limits of disciplines are pushed to the extremes. A totally new creation may take shape in cross-media language, when the neighboring and the distant become conglomerate:
Point Nemo tells one big story composed of its myriad fractals.
Whether it’s a scientific paper or art book, we want to develop unique projects together with you.
We invite you to get in touch with us and begin an exciting new story.

Our competences:

Conception - Production - Project Management- Distribution
We develop the project together with you from scratch and accompany it over time and though the different production phases until the final publication (print and/or digital) of your book, magazine or catalogue.